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Sheffield - Starmore Boss, Sharrow Vale Road.
[Image: 6342158d197379246620c0b1e48a0a93.jpg]

What a great surprise it was while walking in Sheffield to find this bespoke off-licence stocked full of incredible brands. There was everything could could possibly want from fine Fino Sherry to premium Tequila, Sotol, Mezcal's and Raicilla.

[Image: 70a675ab993a191007eee868f99cef24.jpg]

Jeff pictured, let me into his shop cabinet showcasing fine Tequila from Tapatio to Fortaleza - which is for me one of the best Tequilas in the world. From a personal note I'm delighted I can buy Fortaleza locally without the need of mail order.

[Image: 8e4f7982b49cdb0c22d7d1fbddb0a942.jpg]

Jeff kindly introduced me to La Venenosa which is a fine Raicilla. A highly complex taste which left your pallet going crazy with Agave and Citrus. The aftertastes certainly left you wanting more.

If your in Sheffield on Sharrow Vale Road pop in for a chat. The staff are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about what they are selling and have Wine and Spirits for every occasion.
Just a note that ANYTHING Fortaleza is Amazing- The Blanco is a TOP 3 Blanco everyday, the Repo is totally world class and this Anejo is spectacular- Simply Fantastic!!
Couldn't agree more Lou.

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DAMN, there is NOTHING like that here in North Wales.
We are very lucky to have such a great bespoke Off-licence. I will introduce you to Jeff the owner at the Festival. He should be going.

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