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More newbies! Tromba Anejo, Cenote Anejo, and Aguamiel Blanco...
The herd keeps growing. Still waiting for my order to come from Alberta. I do think I have pretty much grabbed all the low hanging fruit I can in Ontario. There are just a few out there I can get in Ontario that I cannot find in Quebec or via mail order from Alberta and of those few they are getting middling reviews at best from tequila matchmaker.

So, the newbies. I even got to keep the box the Cenote Anejo came in. Makes a fun backdrop...
[Image: 20200322_185009-L.jpg]

I thought I would try out the new Anejos against Don Julio. I did not mean to put Pasote into the mix but my wife kept hearing me rave about it from sampling it the other night. So, I poured some out for her to try and in the process the best tequila I have ever tasted went up against the others.

[Image: 20200322_210631-L.jpg]

The Pasote is still a tier above. Just a tick smoother, just a tick more minerality, just a bit better balance of wood versus the agave.

The Cenote surprised me. I enjoy the Cenote Repo but the Anejo is really good. To me nipping on the heels of the Pasote and Tapatio I had earlier in the week.

I am looking forward to sampling some of the new Blancos later this week. Recently I snagged Tromba Repo which I have been enjoying and also Siempre Blanco which I have yet to sample.
[Image: 20200314_032750-L.jpg]

So, look for some Siempre and Aguamiel in the what's in your glass forum soon...

Oops this was meant to go into the bar forum.
Wow your collection is growing at a great rate, nice work. I have heard before about the Canadian Tequila market and it can be quiet at times but your breaking that rule lol.

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