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Hmm... My first Tierra Noble...
I got this tip from a fellow Tequila nut in Ontario. A bottle of Tequila Noble Anejo in a LCBO store (aka Liquor Control Board of Ontario Store)?

Crazy! It is not listed on the site at all. However, after I got back home I did a search under the brand and indeed there is a smattering of bottle spread around the province. Could the Repo and Blanco come here to?
[Image: 20200509_171438-L.jpg]

I snagged the Tierra Noble Anejo which is actually a crazy deal. It is $105 to buy from Alberta and that is before taxes and shipping are added. The price you see there is tax etc in. So, in the Ontario scheme of things this Tierra Noble Anejo might be the best bang for buck Anejo currently in this province. I also snagged a 750ml of Tromba Blanco to replace the mini I polished off a few weeks ago. I still contend that the Trombo Blanco makes an interesting option in the marketplace I live in. Olmeca Altos is $38 and El Espolon is $39. Tromba Blanco is $49 and offers a more rounded flavor profile than the Altos which has a lot of heat and burn. The El Espolon has that muted profile secondary to them using a column still. At $49 the Tromba is more than the budget brands but $10 to $30 less than the more expensive options. Decent juice for the price. I also snagged a Stoli Vodka. I don't drink much vodka but I was curious how good this staple is and how it compares to the Grey Goose we typically keep at home.
[Image: 20200509_183144-L.jpg]

I do have another out of province coming in Fordi. One is a "back bar" choice since I am enjoying it so much currently. The other 2 are new to me although from brands I am currently enjoying. I will post whenever it gets here. It is from a different store than I have bought from before and they use Canada Post which will lead to a slower delivery time. Also, they have stopped home parcel deliveries in this Covid situation. So, when this shipment does come in I will have to go to the post office to get it. An extra headache but no worries. I will just enjoy it more when it gets here.

I am on several tequila facebook pages. Do you frequent any of them Fordi?

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