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Tequila Ocho Reposado again...
Man this is wonderful!
[Image: 20200511_000333-L.jpg]

It paired really nicely with the bit of chocolate. Some other Repos have more of a "caramel" hit. This has a nice creamy mouthfeel, nice amount of agave, some wood notes. Everything I have had that a Camerena family member has touched has not been too "woody". They seem to do such an amazing job not over aging a tequila. Their aging seems to add elements without subtracting the agave notes you want in a tequila. Would be an honor to meet any of them.

Last night was a different expression and company size. I had a craving to have some more Roca Patron Silver. Love this juice. Just an agave hit. I have yet to have some "still strength" Blanco (aka 110). However, this Roca Patron Silver is just such an "honest" tequila. Obviously horno cooked and tahona crushed. Then they use smaller copper pot stills. Then it is 90 proof. So, of the Blancos I have had this one is just up front with a huge smack of agave which then rolls off nice and slow. Wonderful juice. I would love to try some G4, Foreleza, or the Tapatio 110 / still strength. 
[Image: 20200509_235209-L.jpg]

I found the Roca Patron Anejo in the same league as San Matias Tahona Anejo as well. Not sure why the Roca Patron line does not get more love. I will be snagging a bottle of the Roca Patron Reposado on my next order to see what I think. Based on my experience with the Blanco and Anejo I suspect it will end up being a Repo I really enjoy.

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